Vanilla -berries

Delicious vanilla cake with layers of our signature red berries buttercream.

Vanilla -vanilla

This is a classic pairing-of vanilla cake in alternating layers of  vanilla buttercream.

Rich Fruit Cake (Premium Flavor)

Our premium fruit cake contains soaked raisins, sun-dried fruits that has been soaked in rich brandy for at least 2 months.

White Chocolate-cardamom cake (Premium flavor)

White chocolate mud cake with hints of cardamom, blueberry/raspberry filling. Made with premium quality white chocolate.

Double Chocolate

Chocolate sponge cake and chocolate buttercream.

Red velvet Cake

Red velvet cake filled with rich (white chocolate-optional) with buttercream.

Carrot Cake (Premium Flavor)

A moist cake filled with fine freshly grated carrot, nicely toasted nuts (optional) with alternating layers of our signature buttercream.

Coconut Cake

Contains lightly roasted coconut flakes, paired with a custom coconut-caramel buttercream filling.

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